Presidents of Cameron University


Presidents of Cameron University


A collection of files from the presidents of Cameron University.


Cameron University



Collection Items

Presidents of Cameron University
Document listing the names and dates of the presidents of Cameron University.

Strategic Plan 2008
A strategic plan for 2008 at Cameron University.

Administrative Memos-Dr. Ross
Memos from the Dr. Cindy Ross administration.

Cindy Ross-Budget Memo 2004
Memos from the 2004 budget provided by Dr. Cindy Ross.

Dr. Ross-News Releases
News releases from Dr. Cindy Ross.

Dr. Cindy Ross Memorandums 2005-2008
Memorandums from President Cindy Ross

Dr. Ross-Emails and Budget Highlights
Emails and Budget Highlights from Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross- Email 2005
Email from President Cindy Ross.

Installation of John McArthur as President of Cameron University
Information guide about John McArthur as the next president of Cameron University.
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